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An Era of E-Commerce Businesses

It's time for evolution, time that will be noted down in the history of mankind. Who would have thought we all will be so much dependent on the technology? Who would have thought the time will come where buyers and sellers don't have to meet each other to materialise a sale? It all seems like a dream come true, technology have evolved at such a fast tremendous speed. It's an era of CHANGE, A BIG BUSINESS CHANGE! This is an era of digitalisation, it's high time that businesses, whether small or big, adapt themselves.

We as a mankind have evolved so much from the very existence of ourselves, just like in era of globalisation, we need to adapt this era of digitalisation. The one who adapts fast will have ample of opportunities in there hands, it's like taking one extra step! There are so many opportunities, we'll just need to walk little mile extra.

Fun Facts about E-Commerce:

1. More than 65% of people globally love to shop through their Mobile Phones rather than any other laptop or system because it is more convenient and easily accessible.

2. 60% of people worldwide uses Internet to buy goods or products.

3. More than 70% of people believe that they got a better deal online than offline.

4. Research says, more than 50% people admitted that online reviews influence their shopping decision.

Taking this into account, it’s clear that the highly competitive nature of ecommerce will keep on changing the retail industry and influence customers’ behaviour.

If you need additional advice or insights, we’re here to help wanna be entrepreneurs who want to start a new ecommerce project and need professionals to discuss their ideas with or solve an issue, you can contact our consulting team at any time. Our experienced ecommerce professionals can help new businesses implement the right strategy in this fast growing industry. Whether you need advice concerning search engine optimization, product promotion, progress tracking, or branding, our team at TWISTY DESIGN STUDIOS will be happy to help your ecommerce businesses grow and prosper.

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